Mackwell Supports Local Charities This Christmas


During this festive period, Mackwell employees have been banding together to make Christmas a little more bearable for some of the less fortunate in the local area. Instead of the usual donations of Christmas raffle prizes, and gifts Mackwell employees have collecting toys, food or cleaning stuffs and anything else that might help people over this difficult time of year.


Spearheaded by our Factory Manager Judith Robinson, the staff have been giving very generously for two very special, local charities, The Thomas Project and Women’s Refuge. Judith Robinson explains. “Every year the girls on the factory floor have run a £5 secret Santa amongst themselves until one of the girls suggested giving the gifts to children less fortunate than themselves instead, this year. It’s not like they needed it! It started as an idea to just to give a toy to a child who isn’t going to get much (or anything) and the response we’ve had has just been unbelievable. We’re had employees going home telling their friends and family and as a result, they’ve been giving to this fantastic cause too. People have been going out especially to buy a gift for a less fortunate child and donating to the collection and we’ve also had children of employees giving up their own toys to make someone else a little happier this Christmas.”


The Women’s Refuge works as a safe house for women and children escaping domestic violence so, the support offered by them could mean the end of someone suffering for perhaps months or even years or maybe the end of a child witnessing the trauma caused by abuse. “Two of our employees have stayed with the local women’s refuge in the past, so you could say we have been influenced directly by the charity so this really is close to the heart for us. All of the toys collected have been wrapped, separated into age ranges and by sex so a child can have a gift to open this Christmas time.” Explain Judith.  


The second charity, The Thomas Project is an organisation based in Aldridge offering a food bank, charity shop, support and social activities in the area. “As a bit of fun we would also run a raffle for the staff at Christmas, with one of the main prizes being a food hamper. All the food in the hamper gets donated by the staff so, we thought again, ‘we don’t need this as much as other people do’, that’s where the idea came from.” Employees and even friends and family have been giving every day to help support the food bank and charity shop. “A daughter of one of the women that work here used this food bank in the past and I know a couple of people that have been there too; we just wanted to give something back. We’re lucky enough to have jobs, food or loved ones willing to help in times of great need but some people out there don’t have this support network, some people aren’t as fortunate. We’ve had people bringing in their children’s old clothes they’ve grown out of too – it really feels good knowing you’re doing something good for someone else. I’ve even had people coming to me with food vouchers for the cause, I went and bought a load of food stuffs and added them to the collection, and people have been so incredibly generous.


“We just want to lead by example and hopefully encourage most businesses in the local area to do something similar. If everyone in the area (that could of course) was to help the local charities and food banks they wouldn’t be struggling like they are.” Explains Judith Robinson


So far Mackwell  have collected over 50 boxes of food along with sacks of clothes, cleaning products and toys; all of their efforts will go to help support anyone in need using The Thomas Project or Women’s Refuge over the challenging Christmas period. The extraordinary act of kindness shown by the employees at Mackwell Electronics have not only helped raise the moral and Christmas spirits of the employees at the offices based in Aldridge but the extraordinary acts of kindness shown has also helped bring everyone together.


In addition to these two charities Mackwell are also collecting funds for their Christmas Jumper day on Friday 16th, all proceed will go to Promised Dreams, a charity based in Wolverhampton that helps terminally ill children fulfil their last wishes. Mackwell’s Christmas Jumper day on Friday 16th helped raise over £180 for the Charity.


Christmas is hard enough as it is but there are people out there that can barely afford to eat let alone buy a gift for a loved one. There are so many amazing charities out there, right on your doorstep that you can help support too.

Some of the Mackwell Team outside the Thomas Project after dropping off the food & hygiene parcels.

Debbie Beardsmore and Judy Robinson (left) pictured with all the Christmas gifts colleced for the Women's Refuge.


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