Small But Sweet - XY-Fi



The Worlds Smallest Emergency LED Solution...

XY-Fi is an Emergency LED Conversion System that can be installed without altering the original design of the luminaire. 



An ultra discreet emergency lighting solution enabling unobtrusive, seamless integration.
Worlds smallest emergency LED conversion system that’s easy to install whilst maintaining the original design
Despite being small, it delivers a powerful light output during an emergency.
Offers ultimate flexibility when converting luminaires and lamps into emergency operation



XY-Fi's Features



  • Ultra Compact
  • Integral strain relief
  • 12mm bezel diameter
  • Available with DALI & standard control gear
  • Typically delivers greater than 6m spacing
  • Different mounting options
  • Integral Status indicator
  • Standard and recessed variants



There are two XY-Fi kits available; Mackwell signature articulated unit for remote operation or the separate battery and driver kit for integral conversion.

    Articulated system for remote conversions

    Can be mounted away from a luminiare

    Perfect if you're tight for space

    Easy to install

     Suitable for integral conversions

     Sits in existing gear tray

     Ideal if luminaire is being converted before installation


In Emergency lighting we need to evenly distribute lighting over a fixed area to give a balanced lighting condition that avoids high contrast. The way of measuring this even illumination of the space in lighting is called Uniformity Ratio. The lower the number the more even the space is lit, the higher the number the greater risk of “bright spots” and "dark shadows". The maximum allowed uniformity ratio of 40:1 is defined by the standard for Emergency lighting and anything above this is not compliant.


XY-Fi perfectly matches the performance requirements of an efficient low power emergency luminaire where typically spacings of between 6 to 7M can be achieved (Varies depending on mounting height) Less is more with XY-Fi

XY-Fi Example Lighting Scheme


LED Spotlight Example Lighting Scheme

Energy Savings with SmartCharge

XY-Fi utilises Smart Charge when used in conjunction with NiMH batteries to reduce standby losses and significantly reduce battery temperature.

This provides additional protection for the batteries ensuring design life is met and offers significant energy savings against alternative constant current charging products.

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