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Getting it right with LED emergency lighting


LED lighting technology delivers significant benefits to emergency lighting systems, though it's essential to address key criteria if optimum performance is to be achieved. Stewart Langdown of Mackwell explains.

The benefits of LED lighting are now well established and it’s fair to say that LEDs are the light source of first choice for the majority of commercial and industrial applications. However, in many cases the focus is very much on the general lighting of the space(s), with less emphasis on the emergency lighting alongside it.

There are a number of reasons for emergency lighting often being treated as a ‘second class citizen’. For instance, emergency lighting is typically only around 10% of the building’s lighting, and many lighting specifiers are content to leave the emergency lighting design to the electrical contractor.

Of course, there is also the question of cost and many building operators may be tempted to go for the cheapest option that will enable them to comply with the regulations. This is a short-sighted approach that fails to take account of the lifetime costs of such a system... Read More




Mackwell and the dawn of a new era in control

Like so much in life, the subtle changes in our lives sneak up on us and become part of the fabric of who we are and how we live our lives. Technology is a great example, where for many of us the thought of not having a smart phone or tablet PC seems almost too dreadful to consider.

OK so I'm being slightly melodramatic but in some respects the younger generation has grown up with computers and mobile technology and hasn't really experienced pre ‘connected tech’. I should add that technology is nothing new and if we look back over the generations I'm sure the dawn of each new technology has created its own machinations.

The mystery of technology has for so many been a topic that has both empowered and handicapped the user. The rise of the IT guru has brought with it a potential geek monster that claims secret powers transcending the mundane with the mantra Ctrl, Alt, Del as the universal leveller of tech... Read More

Simplify your general lighting conversions for emergency operation...

The ELEDD MIDI is an emergency conversion driver with built-in adaptability to provide optimum output currents to drive multi-chip LED arrays up to 200V.

ELEDD MIDI 55 and 200 come in two enclosure styles: a compact enclosure to provide a smaller footprint for built-in applications and an articulated enclosure suitable for independent mounting that houses both the emergency driver and battery... Read More


Mackwell FZE means business in the Middle East

In order to support growth and to provide additional sales and technical support, emergency lighting control specialists Mackwell Electronics has established a new Middle East operation called Mackwell FZE (Free Zone Establishment).

The Headquarters of Mackwell FZE is in the United Arab Emirates, in the Emirate of Sharjah to be precise, and this is where the warehouse is also located. Day-day business is managed from our main Office in Dubai in the prestigious Prime Tower, in Business Bay.

Although Mackwell has a long history of over 20 plus years successful trading in the region there has never been a local company on the ground.Business has historically been done with partners locally, exporting the products to our partners in the Middle East and they were doing all of the local selling.Our focus now is to build on this history and develop the market further, working closely with international lighting brands and to develop local N-light® Emergency partners...Read More

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