Intelligent low-voltage LED emergency solution

The N-light EC is a central component for powering and commissioning Mackwell emergency lighting systems that works in harmony with general lighting operating on a smart building platform.  

The N-light EC is designed to be rack mounted and simple to install.  N-light EC uses category cables to power connected Mackwell emergency products, resulting in faster installation and eradication of wiring errors.  Connected devices can also be monitored and tested without the need for additional wiring.  

N-light EC is an innovative approach to installing, powering, monitoring and testing an emergency lighting system.

Key features:

• 3 power ports allowing a mixed configuration of maintained and non-maintained devices
• Wiring is simple via a plug-in category cable for fast, cost effective installation
• Power and communication are integrated reducing the need for extra wiring
• Integrated LED fault indicator for live health status
• Fully configurable operation to suit the exacting needs of the user
• Network capability to form a full system solution
• Rack mounted for simple installation and flexible mounting options
• Sized to fit in standard rack mountings:
  Depth: 309.00mm
  Height: 62.40mm (ISU)
  Width: 241.45mm

• Up to 2 units can be installed in a standard rack space width

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