Compact Micro Controlled Emergency LED Driver

The ELEDD MICRO is a range of micro-processor controlled emergency drivers with Mackwell’s unique Origin technology platform at its core. It provides fully compliant DALI AutoTest functionality and enables a variety of emergency solutions including directly driving emergency luminaires and integral conversions.

The Origin technology within the ELEDD MICRO system enables the driver to be pre-configured to suit defined applications. This includes the ability to be given specific charge and discharge properties prior to shipment allowing perfect harmony of the control gear, battery and LED load.

Intelligent battery management is now integral to the design, allowing optimum efficiency of batteries and prolonging life in high temperature applications.

Key features:
• Multiple output variants
• Origin technology platform
• Intelligent battery protection
• Diagnostics
• Stabilised output current
• DALI functionality option
• Compact size
• Excellent EMC performance
• Low power consumption
• BSI & Kitemark approved

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