High Output Emergency Bulkhead with IP64 Rating

The TEMPUS BHD is a versatile bulkhead luminaire, designed for Open-Area anti-panic and Escape Route areas. Suitable for ceiling and over door mounting the TEMPUS BHD provides safe evacuation from the building. The durable IP64 housing ensures the product is protected from dust, dirt and water to offer efficient and impressive performance in challenging environments. Surface mounted this luminaire is suitable for mounting on a wide range of ceilings and can be mounted externally for final exit.The TEMPUS BHD is flexible solution provides a simple, modular approach to emergency lighting. 

Key features:
• Suitable for 10.8 lux applications
• IP64 rated
• Slim, lightweight design
• Integral status indicator
• Various technology options available
• Battery deep-discharge protection
• 3 hours emergency duration

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