Wall or Ceiling Mountable Emergency Exit Sign

TEMPUS EXC emergency exit sign is designed for a range of mounting options. The rotating blade design of the TEMPUS EXC permits wall or ceiling mounting whilst also allowing for the luminaire to be mounted on angled surfaces. Suitable for commercial office, education and health applications this flexible exit sign provides superior luminance across its legend. Utilising Mackwell’s driver and battery technology this exit sign is available with a 3 hour duration in either maintained and non maintained variants. The TEMPUS EXC provides unparalleled levels of performance with style.

Key features:
• Versatile rotating, slim & attractive design
• For wall, ceiling or angled mounting
• Efficient and reliable LED light source
• Complete with legend kit options
• Integral status indicator
• Various technology options available
• 3 hours emergency duration
• SmartCharge™ technology

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