The world’s smallest emergency LED solution

XY-Fi is the world’s smallest emergency LED conversion system that has been designed to be easy to install whilst maintaining the original OEM luminaire design.  XY-Fi enables unobtrusive, seamless integration into a wide range of luminaires and despite only being Ø12mm, it still delivers a powerful light output during an emergency of greater than 6m spacings.  XY-Fi has been hailed a leading innovation for OEMs and has been recognised at the DALI Product Awards and Lighting Design Awards.

Key Features

• Ultra compact
• Bezel diameter only 12mm
• Integral status indicator LED
• SELV compliant (except N-light® EC version)
• Compatible with standard and DALI AutoTest® control gear
• Integral and remote mounting options
• Integral strain relief
• Secondary optics available
• Typically delivers greater than 6m spacings

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