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Fluorescent Emergency Module

Primian-1™ modules operate a wide range of 4 pin fluorescent lamps and each module is fitted with a lamp optimisation link to ensure the best output and duration across the lamp range.

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PRIMIAN 1 Technical Specifications


Supply voltage230 V

Supply frequency50/60 Hz

Supply current (max)80 mA

Power factor - 3 cell variant0.42

Power factor - 4 cell variant0.43

Power factor - 5 cell variant0.45

Ambient temperature (ta)0°C to +50°C

Max case temperature (tc)+70°C

Conductor size0.5 - 1.5mm²

Battery charge current (3h - duration link in)200 mA

Battery charge current (1h - duration link out)90 mA

Battery discharge current (nominal)1.05 A

Battery charge voltage - 3 cell variant3.6 to 4.5 V

Battery charge voltage - 4 cell variant4.8 to 6.0 V

Battery charge voltage - 5 cell variant6.0 to 7.5 V

Battery discharge voltage - 3 cell variant2.8 to 4.2 V

Battery discharge voltage - 4 cell variant3.2 to 5.6 V

Battery discharge voltage - 5 cell variant3.8 to 7.0 V

Emergency duration1 or 3 hours

Recharge period24 hours

Weight of control gear130 g

Switch Mode Power Supply
Mackwell patented Switch Mode Power Supply provides total short circuit protection, regulated output and complies with all relevant standards.

Ballast Delay Relay
All versions are fitted with an additional relay to switch off the power to the HF ballast during emergency lighting test.

Voltage Sensing Circuit
The AC power supply is sensed so that switching occurs at between 60% and 85% of the nominal mains supply.

The LED indicator is illuminated when a charge is flowing to the cells. Flexible 1x0.6mm high temperature orange and pink leads connect the indicator to the module. The indicator requires a 8mm hole.

Deep Discharge Protection
The inverter module incorporates deep discharge protection (DDP), to prevent damage to the batteries caused by deep discharge and possible subsequent reverse cell polarity.
Technology Options
For applications where self-testing is not required or suitable, the non-AutoTest® option provides the same quality and performance expected of Mackwell products, without the AutoTest® feature.
Relevant Standards
  • EN 61347-1
  • EN 61347-2-3
  • EN 61347-2-7
  • EN 60598-2-22
  • BS 5266-1
  • EN 62034
  • EN 62386
  • ICEL 1004
Lamp performance can be affected by lead length. Lamp wires should be kept to a bminimum length. Do not insulation test this product. The rectified output of these modules may lead to mercury migration of the lamp. Reversing battery polarity will cause damage.

Selecting the correct module
Please see the BLF Lamp Selection Chart for further information. This can be found in the Knowledge Base 

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PRIMIAN 1 Product Ranges

Order Code Description
9001461 PRIMIAN 1 36W 3C Module
9001467 PRIMIAN 1 58W 4C Module
9001475 PRIMIAN 1 70W 5C Module

Key Features

  • Switch Mode Power Supply runs cooler than traditional iron core transformers
  • Selectable 3 hour or 1 hour duration
  • Use with NiCd or NiMH cells
  • Maintained 5 pole ballast switching
  • Small size enables simple installation
  • Optimisation link for wide range of lamps
  • Deep Discharge Protection

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