Corpro and Mackwell Health attending Medica in Dusseldorf, 15th – 18th November
Mackwell Health, along with our distribution partner Corpro, are attending one of the world’s leading and largest medical-centric trade fair, Medica, at the Messe in Dusseldorf between the 15th and 18th November 2021
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Mackwell Health Announce Partnership with GE Current a Daintree Company
Mackwell Health is proud to announce a partnership with GE Current, a Daintree company to collaborate in the field of LED UV disinfection technology.
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Mackwell Health collaborates with Corpro produce innovative, sustainable respiratory solutions for healthcare.

Mackwell Health, part of the Mackwell Group of Companies, has formed a partnership with the UK respiratory protection specialist Corpro, formally Core Protection Systems, to enable the development and distribution of user-centric respiratory systems for the healthcare market.
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Mackwell Health Partners with Whitebox Create Sustainable Decontamination  Solutions for Re-Usable Healthcare PPE
The Mackwell Health Whitebox enables healthcare institutions to reliably disinfect and reuse PPE and other critical equipment
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Mackwell Health
Mackwell Health is a leading UK manufacturer, innovator and global leader in their industry

This experience brings an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of reliable, innovative solutions, now being introduced into the health market.
The wearable breathing device that biologically sterilizes inhaled air, providing immediate protection against any airborne pathogen, even mutations.
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Mackwell Health light the way with safety critical systems to bring new innovations into the healthcare market


The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the pressures that such an event can have on the availability of PPE for use by professionals across many industries. In the healthcare industry, simply being able to secure a reliable supply of disposable PPE was a major challenge, but even when a source was identified, costs escalated and the quality and effectiveness of the equipment was not sufficient.
The need to be prepared in the event of a pandemic was known before Covid-19. Further new pathogens are likely to arise and it is clear that more effective means of protection for first response teams and healthcare professionals will be needed in the critical first few months of an outbreak, when vaccines are not yet available.

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Mackwell Health is part of the Mackwell Group of companies, a leader for more than 40 years in the UK design and manufacture of life-critical equipment.

Mackwell Health takes expertise in lighting, safety, electronics, product design, manufacturing quality and regulatory approvals to deliver solutions to improve the health of the population via an innovative approach, backed by scientific rigour.

The Science
ProtectivAir® has been rigorously tested at Public Health England, Porton Down laboratory, with highly successful results. Tests were done using virus-infected air actually passed through the ProtectivAir® irradiation chamber and analysed in the PHE laboratory. Tests compared infected air, where the UV light source was switched off, with the same air with the UV switched on, and was also compared against a placebo sample fo pure, uninfected air.
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