Product Overview

Simple Internal Emergency Conversion Solution

ICE ECO is a unique, more sustainable emergency solution, using six high performance LEDs, but without the plastic housing. Available with two output options, this allows for both high lux applications and budget projects to be completed simply and efficiently.

Supplying an impressive lumen package and consuming very low amounts of power, the ICE ECO conversion kit removes the need for complicated conversion processes and replaces them with a 6-screw solution that can be quickly adapted to most luminaires.

ICE ECO is suitable for multiple luminaire applications, from bulkhead amenity lighting to recessed lighting and can be used in new light fittings or retrofitted into existing gear trays. This offers a significant stock unit reduction and enables the OEM to have a standard emergency product offering across their range.

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ICE ECO Technical Specifications


Supply voltage220 - 240 V

Supply frequency50/60 Hz

Supply current (Max)28 mA

Power factor - NiCd0.59

Power factor - NiMH0.63

Output voltage (min)2.7 V

Output voltage (max)4 V

Total circuit power (max)1.8 W

Total circuit power (nominal)0.9 W

Ambient temperature (ta)0 to +50°C

Conductor size0.2 to 1.5 mm2

Battery charge current - 2Ah NiCd variants105 mA

Battery charge current - 4Ah NiMH variants205 mA

Emergency duration3 hours

Recharge period24 hours

Weight of control gear53 g

Lumen output - NiCd220 lm

Lumen output - NiMH400 lm

IP ratingIP20

CCT5000 K

Weight of lamphead2 g

SmartCharge™ applies an intermittent charging duty cycle designed for use with NiMH batteries. This provides energy efficient charging maintenance, reduced operating temperatures and optimum service life of NiMH batteries.
Technology Options
For applications where self-testing is not required or suitable, the non-AutoTest® option provides the same quality and performance expected of Mackwell products, without the AutoTest® feature.

DALI AutoTest®
Provides benefits by enabling testing and monitoring of an emergency lighting system either on-site or via an internet connection. DALI AutoTest® is ideal for monitoring larger buildings and multiple sites. The product defaults to standalone AutoTest when not connected to a DALI network.
Relevant Standards
  • EN 61347-2-7
  • EN 61347-2-13
  • BS 5266-1
  • EN 62034
  • EN 62031
  • EN 62471
  • ICEL 1004

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ICE ECO Product Ranges

Order Code Description
9006148 ICE ECO Conversion Kit with 2Ah NiCd Battery
9006150 ICE ECO Conversion Kit with 4Ah NiMH Battery
Order Code Description
9006149 ICE ECO Conversion Kit with DALI & 2Ah NiCd Battery
9006151 ICE ECO Conversion Kit with DALI & 4Ah NiMH Battery

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • 8 for 1 charging feature
  • Integrated low-voltage test switch and bi-colour status indicator
  • SmartCharge technology for NiMH batteries
  • Can be recessed into a luminaire
  • High performance
  • Separate test switch and LED status indicators available
  • SELV compliant
  • Available with standard and DALI AutoTest® drivers

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