Product Overview

Emergency LED Remote Pack

The ELEDD RPD range has been designed to streamline the conversion of general lighting luminaires for emergency operation. The compact design with a cross section profile of just 87mm allows for it to be easily installed through most luminaire apertures.

Each variant has controlled current outputs with forward voltages ranging from 6V to 200V that can automatically detect the load to enable the optimum output to be supplied for a more precise match to the controlled LED lighting scheme. This gives OEM’s and distributors the ability to stock an off-the-shelf conversion solution.

This product has been designed by our highly skilled engineers to incorporate plug and play operation alongside the supplied and pre-wired LED indicator.

Manufactured from durable flame-retardant PC plastic, the remote box contains easily accessible battery and terminal blocks.

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RPD Technical Specifications


Supply voltage230 V

Supply frequency50/60 Hz

Supply current14 - 30 mA

Power factor0.43 - 0.65

Output voltage (55 V)6 - 55 V

Output voltage (200 V)50 - 200 V

Iemergency (55 V)5 - 470 mA

Iemergency (200 V)8 - 60 mA

Total circuit power1.80 - 3.00 W

Ambient temperature (ta)0 to +35°C

Max case temperature (tc)70°C

Conductor size (Input)0.75 - 1.5mm²

Conductor size (Output)0.2 to 1.5mm²

Battery charge current195 - 205 mA

Battery discharge current - 55 V variants0.6 - 1.2 A

Battery discharge current - 200 V variants0.9 - 1.1 A

Battery charge voltage3.0 - 5.25 V

Battery discharge voltage3.0 - 4.85 V

Emergency duration 3 hours

Recharge period24 hours

Weight of control gear578 g

Technology Options
For applications where self-testing is not required or suitable, the non-AutoTest® option provides the same quality and performance expected of Mackwell products, without the AutoTest® feature.

DALI AutoTest®
Provides benefits by enabling testing and monitoring of an emergency lighting system either on-site or via an internet connection. DALI AutoTest® is ideal for monitoring larger buildings and multiple sites. The product defaults to standalone AutoTest when not connected to a DALI network.
Relevant Standards
  • EN 61347-2-7
  • EN 61347-2-13
  • EN 60598-2-22
  • BS 5266-1
  • EN 62034
  • EN 62386
  • EN 62384
  • ICEL 1004
ELEDD RPD is available with a 3.6V 4.5Ah NiCd rechargeable battery (KRMU 33/62). For 1 hour emergency operation, please contact Mackwell for further details.

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RPD Product Ranges

Order Code Description
9006153 RPD 55V NiCd 3hr Emergency LED Remote Pack         
9006155 RPD 200V NiCd 3hr Emergency LED Remote Pack 
Order Code Description
9006154 RPD 55V NiCd Emergency LED Remote Pack with DALI
9006156 RPD 200V NiCd Emergency LED Remote Pack with DALI

Key Features

  • Suitable for independent mounting in ceiling void
  • Capable of an providing average 300 lumens
  • Auto load detecting
  • Compatible with leading brands of mains drivers
  • DALI functionality option
  • Plug & play as standard
  • LED with remote bezel as standard
  • Test-switch function
  • Battery deep-discharge protection
  • 3-hour rated emergency duration
  • SELV output for 55V variants only

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