4Ah NiMH

Product Overview

Mackwell 4Ah Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries comply with EN61951-2 and due to their lowprofile design, compared with equivalent NiCd batteries, are suitable for use in smaller spaces.

They are available in various configurations and are designed for 4-years life as required by EN 60598-2-22, when operated within their temperature ranges.

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4Ah NiMH Technical Specifications


Nominal volts - 2C2.4 V

Nominal volts - 3C3.6 V

Nominal volts - 4C4.8 V

Nominal volts - 5C6 V

Nominal volts - 6C7.2 V

Cell temperature range0 to +50┬░C

Battery Recycling
Under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, Mackwell Electronics Ltd have contracts in place with several companies to carry out the proper recycling of industrial batteries returned.

If any customer of Mackwell requires us to take back Industrial batteries of our supply, they should contact the Sales Office at Mackwell to obtain the necessary authority. When this has been granted, the customer should make the necessary arrangements for the return of the Industrial batteries to the Mackwell site in Aldridge.

From that point, Mackwell will take full responsibility for the correct disposal of the batteries, through their established sub-contractors.
It is important not to store NiMH batteries in the discharged state for long periods. They should be stored with at least 30% charge in the open-circuit condition for no longer than 6 months in the following environmental conditions:
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +30°C
  • Humidity: 60% to 85%
  • Mackwell batteries have been specifically selected to work with Mackwell emergency products. If a battery pack is used that has not been supplied by Mackwell, always ensure that it is correctly rated for the application.
  • Mackwell offers end caps with all battery sticks and these should be securely fastened to the gear tray or luminaire body with screws. Failure to use appropriate end caps may result in damage to the  luminaire or wiring during transport, installation and operation.
  • It is important not to cycle the batteries too many times during use and to avoid excessive switching of the mains supply, particularly during the installation process, which can lead to a reduction in the life of the battery. For this reason, Mackwell recommend disconnecting the battery until the installation is ready.

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4Ah NiMH Product Ranges

Stick Batteries
Order Code Description
9001663 2C 4Ah NiMH Stick Battery
9001664 3C 4Ah NiMH Stick Battery
Twinstick Batteries
Order Code Description
9001666 4C 4Ah NiMH 2+2 Twinstick Battery
9001670 5C 4Ah NiMH 2+3 Twinstick Battery
9001671 6C 4Ah NiMH 3+3 Twinstick Battery
Replacement Battery Boxes
Order Code Description
9005627 3C 4Ah for ELEDD NiMH
9001700 4C 4Ah for ELEDD NiMH

Key Features

  • High temperature T-Type cells
  • Low-profile
  • 4 year design life to meet EN 60598-2-22
  • Stick configurations supplied with end cap fixings
  • Suitable for use with SmartCharge capable Mackwell control gear for reduced operating temperatures
  • Supplied with red and black flying leads for simple push-in connection to Mackwell emergency modules

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