Product Overview

High Output LED Emergency Lighting

The XYLUX LRX HO is a high output, ultra-discreet recessed LED emergency luminaire. Supplied with three snap-in optics for Open Area, Escape Route and Emphasis Point distribution, it’s unique articulated design provides a robust and easy to install solution.

Compatible with a variety of automated test & monitoring protocols; including DALI-2 and AIR the XYLUX LRX HO represents the ultimate in multi-application emergency lighting that complements the overall aesthetic interior design.

Designed and manufactured in the UK the XYLUX LRX HO is a practical alternative to standard emergency luminaires and offers an unobtrusive powerful emergency lighting solution.

The flexible design allows for an optional IP65 version for rough environments!



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XYLUX LRX HO Technical Specifications


Supply voltage220 - 240 V

Supply frequency50/60 Hz

Supply current NiMH16 mA

Supply current LiFePO420 mA

Power factor0.58

Total circuit power NiMH1.2 - 1.6 W

Total circuit power LiFePO40.2 - 1.8 W

Ambient temperature (ta)0°C to +35°C

Protection classClass II

Conductor size0.75 to 1.5mm²

Battery charge current NiMH200 mA

Battery charge current LiFePO4300 mA

Emergency duration3 hours

Recharge period24 hours

Weight of control gear240g

Lumen output375 lm

IP ratingIP30 // IP65

CCT5700 K

Weight of lamphead65 g

Technology Options
For applications where self-testing is not required or suitable, the non-AutoTest® option provides the same quality and performance expected of Mackwell products, without the AutoTest® feature.

DALI provides benefits by enabling testing and monitoring of an emergency lighting system via a standardised protocol, either on-site or via an internet connection. DALI is ideal for monitoring larger buildings and multiple sites. DALI-2 is the new generation of the standard that has now been extended to include emergency lighting. This improves interoperability and in future will introduce sophisticated diagnostic capabilities. All DALI products default to standalone AutoTest when not connected to a DALI network.

N-LIGHT AIR Wireless
Wireless emergency lighting allows devices to communicate through radio waves instead of hard-wiring. This makes it particularly attractive for retrofitting existing buildings, and increases flexibility when adding, removing, and replacing devices. Mackwell products suitable for N-LIGHT AIR use an 868MHz mesh topology which allows for long distances to be achieved between devices.
Relevant Standards
EN 55015
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
EN 61547
EN 60598-2-22
BS 5266-1
EN 62034
EN 62386
EN 62031
EN 62471
The XYLUX LRX HO is available with a range of rechargeable battery options. For 1 hour emergency operation, please contact Mackwell for further details.
Origin 2.0
Origin 2.0 is an intelligent technology platform with diagnostic capabilities that enables us to understand and control the effects of environmental factors on the efficiency and reliability of our emergency drivers.

Battery Charge Management
Battery Charge Management applies an intermittent charging duty cycle designed for use with NiMH & LiFePO4 batteries. This provides energy efficient charging maintenance, reduced operating temperatures and optimum service life of NiMH & LiFePO4 batteries.

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XYLUX LRX HO Product Ranges

Order Code Description
9006291 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with NiMH in White 
9006297 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with NiMH in Black
9006294 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with LiFePO4 in White
9006300 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with LiFePO4 in Black
Order Code Description
9006292 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with NiMH in White 
9006298 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with NiMH in Black
9006295 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with LiFePO4 in White
9006301 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with LiFePO4 in Black
N-LIGHT AIR - Wireless
Order Code Description
9006293 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with NiMH in White 
9006299 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with NiMH in Black
9006296 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with LiFePO4 in White
9006302 XYLUX LRX HO IP30 with LiFePO4 in Black

Key Features

  • Miniature design blends into the architectural environment
  • Available with choice of MW-LiFe and NiMH intelligent battery technologies
  • Interchangeable advanced optics inc. Open Area, Escape Route, & Emphasis Point lenses
  • IP30 // IP65
  • Integral status indicator
  • DALI 2 level interoperability
  • ORIGIN 2.0 battery management
  • N-Light AIR (Wireless), DALI-2, DALI, and Standard technology options available
  • Available in non-maintained operation
  • Articulated control gear for easy installation
  • SmartChargeTM technology with NiMH battery option
  • In White & Black as standard
  • 6 years warranty

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